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National BIM Conference in Chengdu

Organized by Sichuan Provincial Construction Science &  Technology Association and Sichuan Institute of Building Research, the National Internet + BIM Technology Forum and Platform Conference was held last Friday at JW Marriot Hotel, Chengdu.  Speakers of the conference were specialists from BIM, internet and big data sectors.  Mr David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D., discussed on the topic: How to Extract “I” from BIM ?


201080112_National BIM Conference in Chengdu_04

201080112_National BIM Conference in Chengdu_05_01




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BIM Conference in Malaysia

A BIM conference titled “Implementing BIM and it’s challenges” was successfully held at V E Hotel & Residence at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 30 November 2017.  Mr David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D. and immediate past chairman of HKIBIM, had a few sharing sessions in the conference.


20171130_KL_David Sean_01_01

20171130_KL_David Sean_02_01



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UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress

UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress was held on September 3-10, 2017 at COEX & DDP, Seoul, Korea.  Having a booth themed “So HK”, HKIA aimed at promoting the association and its members’ works by panel and video display.  As a registered practice of HKIA, A.C.I.D.  introduced the firm and its projects in the video display to the visitors.


20170903 UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress_Photo from HKIA FB_All_02






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2nd Internet+BIM Conference Guangzhou Summit

2nd Internet+BIM Conference was held in Guangzhou, China last Saturday.   Mr David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D. and immediate past chairman of HKIBIM was also one of the speakers of the conference.   He discussed the global application of BIM and the topic he shared was “Sweet and Sour of BIM”.


2nd Internet+BIM Conference Guangzhou Summit_05_01




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BIM Management Training at CIC BIM Innovation and Development Centre

The first session of BIM Management Training by A.C.I.D. for Development Bureau was held at the CIC BIM Innovation and Development Centre last week. The centre is the largest BIM centre in Hong Kong which equips with the latest BIM solutions & 3D technologies for promoting BIM .


CIC BIM Innovation Centre_01

CIC BIM Innovation Centre_02




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A.C.I.D. Wuhan became the committee member of SCSS

SCSS (Smart City Society of Shenzhen) established in 2013 under the permission of Shenzhen Municipal Government.  The society was jointly supported by 18 Shenzhen universities and research institutes as well as 130 local companies.  A.C.I.D. Wuhan joined SCSS lately and has become one of the committee members.





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Editorial and production meeting of China BIM standard was held in A.C.I.D. Wuhan

The editorial and production meeting of the Drawing Standard for Building Design-Information Modelling was successfully held in A.C.I.D. Wuhan office on 16 Jun 2017.  Mr Wei Lai (representative of China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research), together with more than 20 China BIM specialists took part in the meeting.  There were detailed discussions on various areas including general principles, application, terminology and symbols.








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The HKIE Feista 2017

Under the theme of “Our Future 2035”, the HKIE Fiesta 2017 was held on 11 June 2017 at Star Hall, Kowloon Bay. Visitors were presented with an array of exhibits with latest technological developments. A.C.I.D. was an exhibitor of this event with the title “Virtual Reality + BIM=?”







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Technical Seminar on Draft BIM Standards to Facilitate the Submission of GBP to Statutory Authorities and Concerned Departments

Organized by Construction Industry Council, the Technical Seminar on Draft Building Information Modelling (BIM) Standards to Facilitate the Submissions of General Building Plans (GBP) to Statutory Authorities and Concerned Departments (Phase One) was held yesterday at InnoCentre, Kowloon Tong.  Authorised Person or those with GBP submission background were the target participants for the first session.

Three more sessions will be held on 7 June, 14 June and 21 June.








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BIM & IT Committee of HKIA

BIM & IT Committee is one of the two committees of The Board of Practices under The Hong Kong Institute of Architects.  The Committee facilities opportunities to understand the actual practice of BIM and other IT applications in Hong Kong and how it benefits the whole project team in real life projects.  Mr. David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D., is currently the Deputy Chairman of this committee.