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RICS Hong Kong Geomatics Conference

Organized by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors),  the Geomatics Conference 2016 – Spatial Data for Construction, was successfully held on 10 December 2016 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Speakers from different sectors shared their views on the position of the geomatics profession as its transition from the past to modern construction industry, the education of young practitioners, how the latest technologies tackle the challenges of spatial data acquisition, storage and management for construction, and the qualification framework for the profession itself.

Mr David Fung, Chairman of HKIBIM and Managing Director of A.C.I.D., discussed the collaboration of BIM and Geomatics in Construction at the event.








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1st Internet + BIM Conference

Organized by China Building Decoration Association, the 1st Internet + BIM Conference was held on 26 November 2016 at the Beijing International Convention Center.  Mr. David Fung , Chairman of HKIBIM and Managing Director of A.C.I.D. was invited to deliver a speech at the conference.






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Autodesk BIM in GBP and Structural Statutory Submission Seminar

“BIM in GBP and Structural Statutory Submission Seminar” organized by Autodesk was held last Friday afternoon at the United Centre of Admiralty.  More than 150 industry stakeholders attended the event including government departments, utilities, architects and engineers, contractors and educators.  Mr David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D. presented on General Building Plan submissions while Mr Kevin Wong discussed Structural Statutory Submission.





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Autodesk University China 2016

Autodesk University China 2016 was held on 2-3 November at Shanghai International Conference Centre with the topic “Learn.Connect.Explore.”.

As the region’s largest conference for Autodesk software users, participants learned from top industry experts, connect with  peers, and explore new concepts and workflows.

Mr David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D., was also one of the participants of the event.




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BIM Management for Projects Conference 2016

Co-organized by HKIPM and HKIBIM, BIM Management for Projects Conference 2016 was held yesterday at AsiaWorld-Expo.  Mr. David Fung,  Chairman of HKIBIM,  shared on the topic “BIM in Statutory Submissions”.  As BIM has been accepted in the Statutory Submission gradually and some authorities are issuing BIM guidelines and practice notes, Mr. Fung discussed how can the professionals and industry practitioners respond to the statutory requirements.  From the perspective of approval authority, he also talked about the extent BIM can be accepted for submission purpose.






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4th Government BIM Symposium held in Beijing

Aiming at providing public sector a forum in Asia Pacific to share their learning points, exploring the collaboration in applied BIM R&D as well as working towards the harmonization of BIM standards within the Asia Pacific and other regions, the 4th Government BIM Symposium was held in Beijing, China on 11 October 2016.

A number of Government representatives from around the world shared their views on BIM initiatives and discussed the development of BIM standards in the symposium.  Mr. David Fung, Chairman of HKIBIM and Managing Director of A.C.I.D, made a presentation on the topic “Statutory Submission and Approval in Hong Kong and China”.






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Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2016

The annual Building Information Modelling Awards (BIM Awards) organized by Autodesk Far East Limited will be presented to the organizations that can clearly demonstrate the biggest benefits to the project and to the organization from BIM usage.  The presentation ceremony for 2016 was held yesterday at Hotel ICON.



Eastern District Cultural Square was chosen to be a winner of Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2016.  According to the advisory panel, with the assistance of BIM, the visualization of this complex design has been far better during the design process than would be possible with 2D drawings.  The team maximizes the value of BIM by utilizing the Revit model to conduct building performance analysis in various disciplines, such as interior shadow and lighting analysis, sound performance analysis, maintenance plan, etc.  Accurate cost estimation is possible through calculations involving Dynamo and Revit data, for the irregular prefabricated aluminium panels.  This practice demonstrates that risk control, along with material and cost saving, are achievable by adopting BIM in the early stage of a project.

Fisherman Cultural Centre located at the Aberdeen Promenade also received the Honorable Mention.  This signature project has successfully completed the statutory submissions by using 2D drawings generated from Revit, including General Building Plan, Structural Plan and submission to Fire Services Department.



As the BIM partner of the two projects, A.C.I.D. would like to congratulate Architectural Services Department for the demonstration of great effort in BIM project adoption.










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buildingSMART International BIM Conference 2016

Aiming at raising the industry awareness of BIM, buildingSMART International BIM Conference offers an opportunity for construction practitioners to link up and exchange ideas, for overseas guests to share the worldwide trend of BIM technology.  The conference was held today at Grand Hyatt, Tsim Sha Tsui.  Mr. David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D. was one of the speakers of the event.  The topic he shared was “Virtual Reality & BIM”.






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Autodesk BIM Success and Implementation Workshop

Organized by Autodesk Far East Ltd, the BIM Success and Implementation Workshop series aims at  investigating, analyzing and supporting the successful use of BIM for architects in Hong Kong.  The workshop has been divided into 3 segments, the first session “Identify Opportunities and Challenges” was held on 28 July 2016  at United Conference Centre in Admiralty.  Mr. David Fung, Managing Director of A.C.I.D., shared his views in the workshop.



Autodesk BIM Success and Implementation Workshop _01



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BIM – A journey to a digital built world

BRE (Building Research Establishment) is an UK organization providing research, consultancy, training, testing and certification in the area of BIM.  Its Associated Director for BIM, Mr. Paul Oakley , delivered  a half -day sharing titled ” BIM – A journey to a digital built world” yesterday at Zero Carbon Building, Kowloon Bay.

HKIBIM was one of the supporting organizations of the event. Mr David Fung, Chairman of HKIBIM,  introduced the BIM journey of Hong Kong in his keynote speech.


BIM - A journey to a digital built world_01